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An article on the environment blog by Mark Boyle on the Guardian website caught my attention and made me really consider the amount of food I do waste and the packaging that comes with it. The article discusses how it is possible to live without money and feed yourself just on what mother nature provides for you. As a student in Birmingham I am always open to ways I can save money especially on food which is where most of my money seems to go but I must say some of the suggestions are a bit out there.

As much as I would love to I don’t have the time to grow food, I’m sure it is very satisfying to grow your own food and to know where it has come from I’m just not sure how feasible the idea is for a student but for a family I think it is a very good idea to not only grow your own food but to also educate children. As pointed out in the article children have become shockingly bad at being able to identify fruit and vegetables when presented with them with shocking suggestions when asked what it is.

A suggestion is to go foraging for food, does automatically make me think of caveman times and in summer will probably be a lot of fun, the cold winters and not so attractive though. They are almost as attractive as the thought of rummaging through skips for food, which is another suggestion.

I think this is all a great idea if you have the time and you feel passionately about helping the environment and don’t mind putting in the effort. I may consider growing my own food when I’m a bit older, have a permanent address and actually own some gardening tools!

One of the Friends of the Earth latest tip is to plan a tree to mark an occasion. The aim of it is to have something which will last years and years and you can enjoy with your friends and family. The occasion can be anything from celebrating a birth or a wedding. Not only can you nurture the tree but you will also be helping the environment by using up all the CO2 that lurking about.

If you follow fashion then you will know that vintage is all the range nowadays! So why not organise a clothing swap party with your friends, its effortless really, just invite all your friends round with any bits and bobs you no longer want and swap it with someone else who has got something you want. Simple! And the benefits are huge, not only are you promoting an ecological lifestyle but you’re also saving money and also gives you a chance to tidy that floordrobe you’ve been meaning to do and have a new wardrobe ready for summer.

There was a recent clothing swap party in Wolverhampton where a group of people met up and swapped clothes. The guidelines they have are:

1. The clothes should be new, nearly new (worn only once or twice) or gently used (worn, but still in very good condition);
2. Clean (freshly laundered and pressed);
3. You can bring: coats, dresses, skirts, suits, trousers, jeans, tops, blouses, sweaters, tee-shirts, work-out wear, costumes, shoes, purses, jewellery, belts, hats, watches;
4. Bring as many items as you want and take as many as you like!
5. DO NOT bring dirty or damaged clothes;
6. Unclaimed items should be donated to various charity shops in the area

Is this your floor?

Marilyn Shoes

Marilyn Shoes

These shows are the latest trend to hit the eco-market, Marilyn Shoes. The 4 inch shoes is made from vegetable tanned, non-toxic leathers with claims of being the comfiest heel out there with a lightweight and flexible design to give you the ultimate walking experience without the usual pain associated with the heel! You can get the platforms in either black and white as shown above or coral and beige for £120.

The shows certainly have an acquired taste about them but the idea has good intentions. Let’s hope Topshop jump on this bandwagon so we can all be eco-friendly fashion wearers. What do you think? Would you wear these shoes? Complete the poll below.

As I have previously blogged about, I went to the SustainabilityLive event at the NEC which was a great opportunity to talk to a lot of industry experts on whats on offer for businesses in particular to become environmentally friendly and sustainable. The article written by myself and Tamar Mendelsohn can now be viewed on the Birmingham Recycled website which includes an audio visual to accompany. Hope you enjoy it! I’ve also created a slide show of just the photos from the day just follow this link to check it out.

Birmingham Recycled

4am Project

In this weeks lecture we had guest lecturer Karen Strunks tell us about the 4am project which she founded and how she has worked her way up to become known around the world.

Karen runs the 4am project which is what can be described as capturing a global view of the world at 4am. An idea which started out very small has now become very popular with around 4500 images submitted since 2009 from 40 different countried- an impressive statistic seeing as Karen runs the project single handedly!

Karen uses Flickr to get her photos on the net and allow people to view but does require a fee for any images that people wish to use. She uses photoshop and paintshop pro for her photos.

To take part in the 4am project all you need is a camera and to stay awake untill 4am when you can then get snap happy! It’s very easy to get involved and upload your photos just visit the website which will explain the necessary steps. Events such as the elections have been photographed to Birmingham at night. Check our Karens blog as well which she reguarly updates on the latest happenings of her photography work and the 4am project.



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